national-muddy-puddles-dayHappy National Muddy Puddles Day! To honor Super Ty and all the children battling cancer, the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation declared April 1 a day for kids to jump in muddy puddles. The Muddy Puddles Project was created to celebrate the joy of kids being kids, so we are asking everyone to let their kids jump in muddy puddles! Even though it’s a bright and sunny day, make your own muddy puddle and post it with the hashtag #MuddyPuddles About The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation Founded in September 2012, The Ty Louis Campbell (TLC) Foundation is an established nonprofit organization that funds innovative research and technology specifically geared toward the treatment of the deadliest childhood cancers. The organization seeks less toxic, more effective treatments that are specifically designed for children fighting cancer. Their ultimate mission is to help fund the intelligence and technology that will uncover new ways to more effectively treat children with cancer. For more information, please visit: