captureThe Muddle Puddles “Mess Fest” is a celebration of children and childhood with a wide varity of family-focused games and activities. The second annual Muddy Puddles “Mess Fest” honors Ty Louis Campbell, a young boy who lost his battle with brain cancer in October 2012 at the age of five. Ty dreamed of the day he was able to jump in muddy puddles. In remembrance of Ty we dedicate this day to forgetting our troubles and letting out our inner child as we laugh, play and get messy! In Ty’s honor let your children come and enjoy the simple pleasures of being a kid, for those who are no longer able to. For more information on this project, visit

More than 2,000 guests attended the 2013 event, surpassing the foundation’s projected number of 650 attendees. Last year the Mess Fest raised $60,000 for the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation in support of childhood cancer research. This year an anticipated 2,500+ cheerful children, parents, media outlets and sponsors are expected.

The “Mess Fest” is an outdoor event featuring food, music, games and of course mud! This year, bring your family for mud jumping, food fights, pie tosses, treasure hunts, water balloon tosses, dunk tanks, water wars, zip lines, climbing walls, splash paint and dozens of other kid-centered activities for all ages. After the event, we will rinse the muddy kids off with a hose straight from a fire truck!

About The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation

Founded in September 2012, The Ty Louis Campbell (TLC) Foundation is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that funds innovative research and technology specifically geared toward the treatment of the deadliest childhood cancers. The organization seeks less toxic, more effective treatments that are specifically designed for children fighting cancer. Their ultimate mission is to help fund the intelligence and technology that will uncover new ways to more effectively treat children with cancer. For more information about the foundation, visit