We’re thrilled to introduce our new client, SwamCAM! SwamCam, the leading provider of pool alarm camera systems, is excited to announce that it has been issued its first patent for its innovative AI-powered pool surveillance technology and has also been notified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office that it has been approved for a second patent. Focusing on “drowning prevention” rather than “drowning detection,” this specialized swimming pool alarm is designed to alert as soon as a child enters the area around the pool, decreasing response times and offering a critical advantage over traditional alarm systems. Alarmingly, drowning is the number one cause of death for children ages 1–4 (CDC), making this a vital product for any family with a pool.

The urgency for a reliable pool alarm system has never been greater. According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 4,500 people drowned each year in the United States from 2020 to 2022, marking an increase of about 500 drownings each year compared to 2019

The SwamCam system represents the most advanced drowning prevention technology on the market. Using artificial intelligence to scan the pool area multiple times per second, the system discerns human movement, rejects non-human movement, and sends immediate alerts for human motion only, minimizing false alarms. It is always powered on 24/7 for surveillance of the pool area, ensuring continuous protection even in instances of power outages. The system features in-app surveillance, real-time alerts both locally and remotely, and a range of innovative functionalities:

  • Alerts Inside, Outside, and Remote Locations: Alerts inside the house from a remote alarm at over 90 dBA, outside from the camera’s speaker, and remotely from any smartphone and Apple Watch.
  • Two-way Communication: Enables the pool owner to communicate directly with anyone in the pool area.
  • Weatherproof System: Durable and reliable under all weather conditions.
  • Control with Your Smartphone: Easy management and monitoring via the SwamCam app.
  • Safety Features Include: Auto arm in case one forgets to arm their system; System sounds an alarm even if the Wi-Fi goes down; One-Touch Emergency Dial on Live View.
  • AI-Powered Detection: Patented technology ensures alarm triggers for human movement only, minimizing false alarms.

“We spent years developing a smart alarm camera system customized for the pool environment that genuinely works to prevent tragedies. We are thrilled to be able to protect our work with the patents we have received and will continue to pursue additional patents on our inventions,” said Asher Brand, CEO of SwamCam.

SwamCam’s diverse team of experts, including top-tier developers with experience at technology giants such as Motorola and Haier, developed a purpose-built solution that integrates seamlessly with modern smart homes. Our mission is to prevent drowning by decreasing response time when a child enters a pool area unexpectedly.

About SwamCam:
SwamCam is dedicated to preventing drownings through advanced surveillance technology. Combining AI-powered human detection, seamless smart home integration, and user-friendly features, SwamCam provides homeowners an unparalleled tool to monitor and protect their pool areas. With a commitment to innovation and safety, SwamCam aims to reduce the tragic number of drownings that occur each year. For more information, visit www.theswamcam.com.