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CBS News feature, the Pace Women’s Justice Center (PWJC) showcased its relentless commitment to raising awareness about domestic violence, particularly among teens and young adults. The spotlight on CBS brought forth the inspiring story of a survivor who found strength and support through the organization, and the critical outreach work PWJC does to engage local high school students.  

The survivor, a mother of four, courageously shared her journey of overcoming years of emotional abuse in an unhealthy relationship. With the support of Pace Women’s Justice Center, she found the strength to break free and transform her life. Her story exemplifies the impact this nonprofit has on the lives of survivors seeking support and legal assistance. 

 Pace Women’s Justice Center offers free legal support to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse. Each year, the organization assists more than 2,000 individuals, helping them understand their legal rights, explore options, and ensure their safety. 

 Cindy Kanusher, the executive director of Pace Women’s Justice Center, emphasized the importance of community engagement and conversation in preventing and intervening in intimate partner violence. PWJC’s “Love Isn’t” campaign uses social media and school programs like the one at Ardsley High School to raise awareness about the warning signs of unhealthy relationships. The campaign promotes the understanding that love should never involve threatening, entrapping, or assaulting, reinforcing what healthy love truly is. 

 Taking the campaign to Ardsley High School, PWJC attorneys are educating senior students and their parents about their legal rights as they prepare for college, as well as the common signs of abusive behavior.  

 Ardsley High School Principal Danielle Trippodo commended the purposeful initiative, highlighting the importance of teaching students about safety and their rights. Monique Johnson, a high school social worker, emphasized the incredible impact of educating young minds about domestic violence prevention. 

At the heart of Pace Women’s Justice Center’s efforts is a commitment to keeping healthy love at the forefront. By providing comprehensive legal services, educational programs, and impactful campaigns, the organization continues to make a significant difference in the lives of survivors and in the community. 

Watch the complete story here: Westchester County nonprofit brings domestic violence awareness to teenagers, young adults – CBS New York ( 

About Pace Women’s Justice Center
Pace Women’s Justice Center (PWJC) provides free legal services to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse. A nonprofit legal center serving Westchester and Putnam Counties, PWJC helps individuals navigate the legal system and obtain services related to divorce, custody, support, financial exploitation, public benefits, and housing. Through outreach events and training programs we raise awareness, educate the community, and train judges, police officers, attorneys, and social service providers on best practices when working with victims of abuse. Visit for more information.