Summer Trails Day Camp, in Somers, NY, hosted an event on July 26, 2016, with New York Mets second baseman, Neil Walker, to provide a memorable learning experience for campers in the camp’s baseball program. The campers were able to learn correct techniques from the professional player while enjoying baseball camp to its fullest. Walker provided the children with his expertise and advice on America’s favorite pastime. He led a baseball-focused discussion, demonstrated skills, answered campers’ questions and provided autographed photos. The campers were able to engage in the sport and have fun with friends while expanding their skills and sportsmanship.

“Our goal at Summer Trails Day Camp is to help campers reach and achieve their full potential,” said Jamie Sirkin, Director of Summer Trails Day Camp. “Interactive events, such as this, are teaching campers not only important baseball skills, but life skills about hard work and dedication. The memories and lessons learned from Neil Walker will last a lifetime.”

Summer Trails Day Camp is a camp located in Westchester, NY. In addition to offering traditional camp activities, Summer Trails Day Camp has an excellent baseball camp for children 8-13. The program is designed to provide individualized skill progression taught by mature, experienced coaches who assist each camper in reaching his/her full potential. Throughout the summer, retired and current baseball players, as well as coaches and managers, visit Summer Trails Day Camp to lead discussions, demonstrations and interactive exhibitions.  To learn more about Summer Trails Day Camp visit: 8Capture 9Capture 11Capture 14Capture 16NW Buzz TeamCapture 7Capture 6