To promote Dubrovnik’s new summer cocktails and menu items, Buzz Creators planned a VIP media and influencer dinner hosted at the New Rochelle restaurant. Guests were transported to a European paradise as they enjoyed their meals on Dubrovnik’s outdoor patio. All of the authentic Croatian menu items consisted of locally grown ingredients.

A media and influencer dinner is an event that brings together members of the media industry and influential individuals, often from various social media platforms, for networking, collaboration, and promotion purposes. These dinners are typically organized with the intention of generating buzz, building relationships, and creating content around a specific product, service, or brand.

Media and influencers attending the dinner are likely to document their experience through photos, videos, and live updates on social media. This user-generated content provides authentic and engaging material that can be shared and reposted. The unique and visually appealing content from the event can attract attention, increase social media engagement, and following.