In the Q1 issue of 914INC., Buzz Creators’ (a Westchester, NY-based PR & Marketing firm) Daniella DiMartino, was quoted in “How Westchester’s Companies are Adapting to Millennials.”

Take a look at Daniella’s insights on being a millennial in the workforce:

Daniella DiMartino, a 26-year-old account executive at Buzz Creators, a public relations agency in Valhalla, envisions herself running a business one day. That’s why she, like many others her age, is after mentorship, learning, and development in her job. Says DiMartino, “I wanted to work for someone who could lead me down a good path so that if I want to go out on my own or go to a large corporation five years down the line, I could go there with competence and confidence, knowing that I’ve learned a lot.” She’s a prime example of a millennial asking herself not only, “What am I learning?” but also, “Is it what I want to be learning in the environment I want to be learning it in?”

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