New trends emerge every year in every industry – including marketing. In the world of digital marketing it is even more important to keep up with these trends because they constantly evolve. And in order for your company to be successful, you need to market it well. This also means keeping up with the latest technology. New websites and technologies pertaining to marketing and digital content are constantly being launched and they can help you keep track of your marketing numbers. For example, some websites track the traffic coming into your site, which helps tell what you’re doing well and where you can improve in terms of marketing and branding.

Below are a few important
tips to keep in mind for your business this year: 

1. Keep Your Customers Happy. (Don’t Skip This Tip, It’s #1 For a Reason) 

This sounds very elementary but it should always be your top priority. Make sure your customers are always happy and impressed. Your store/office should be neat, clean and innovative. When clients come in they should be in awe of your workspace, not thinking about how uninviting or messy it is. You want to make sure they feel comfortable and keep coming back. The same goes for your website – essentially, that is your online home. Keep it clean, easy to use and adaptable. Make sure if your clients need information that it’s easy to find and accessible. Your website should also be compatible for smart phones and tablet users. People are constantly busy and moving – you should expect that they will look things up on the go. And if your website doesn’t work on their phones, you’ll lose that customer’s interest and most likely their business, too. 

2. Monitor the Attention Your Company is Getting

Websites and applications such as Google Analytics are becoming more and more popular. They allow you to measure your advertising ROI (return on investment) as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. This is an extremely useful tool to take advantage of. It allows you to see exactly what is working for you and what isn’t. Did we mention it’s also free?

3. People Love Visuals

The world is changing and people are becoming more accustomed to reaching accessible information quicker. Many people will not take the time to read extensive articles when they can get snippets of the information elsewhere. Which is why many businesses are trying to get their messages across through pictures and videos instead. They’re quick, easy on the eyes, and sometimes even entertaining!

Websites are now incorporating “live” video aspects for people to consume and participate in as well. Companies who have Facebook and Instagram accounts are now able to live stream straight to their audience, which can help make those relationships even stronger. 

4. Utilize Social Media

Social media is not only popular for personal use, but it’s also great, free promo for businesses. And it’s one of the best ways to communicate globally — if you know how to use it correctly. Take advantage of this and be unique with your content, so you can stand out among the millions of other posts. Keep your content short, creative, and to the point. Personalizing posts is also helpful for people to feel like a company truly cares about their customers and wants to connect – rather than just sell a product or service. 

5. Narrow Your Audience

There are countless businesses and companies within the same industry. These companies are inevitably competing with you for the attention of your clients. This is where creativity comes into play and you really get to shine if you post the right content. In order to do this, market to a narrower audience. If you focus in on a specific demographic, you can target them better when marketing your products. For example, instead of trying to appeal to everyone, focus on millennials by speaking their language.