Ten Ways that social media is BENEFICIAL for your business

We all know that social media can be really fun for personal use, but it can also be super beneficial for your business! Here are just a few examples of how:

  • It can provide a quick and fast way for your business and customers to interact with one another and build a relationship
  • You can easily and quickly share information about your company, it’s products and services at little to no cost (although we do recommend having a budget to advertise and boost posts for more eyeballs to see your exciting news!)
  • It helps generate new business leads. Referrals and testimonials from other people on social media can be VERY powerful for new business generation!
  • Social media can greatly help improve your company’s visibility to search engines.
  • It’s a great way to publicize your company’s events
  • Learn from people’s comments/feedback (both positive and negative) about your business and take that into consideration when developing new products, services, content, your expansions, partnerships, etc. Direct feedback is so valuable!
  • Research and identify key influencers to partner up with to further expand your reach (leverage their large social following to spotlight your products and services)
  • Push people towards your website – by linking to informative articles posted on your website, products that you sell online, offer special promotions, etc.
  • Media are always looking for new story ideas and expert sources online – be sure to use the right hashtags that will make you easy to find!  
  • You can see what your competitors are up to


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