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Carlyn Guido
Art Director

Carlyn Guido, Art Director at Buzz Creators, Inc.

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My dream vacation: If I could smash Amsterdam and Anguilla together, that would be my dream vacation. I loved Amsterdam for the architecture and charm, but Anguilla for the chance to unplug from everything. No phones, no tvs. Just white sand beaches and jewel colored water.

Favorite quote: 'If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.’

My favorite thing about working at Buzz Creators: The opportunities to give clients what they are looking for, and what they didn’t realize they were looking for.

If I had $1 million dollars to spend: I’d go on that dream vacation I talked about, and I would make sure my girls future was taken care of.

My hobbies are… Driving my girls to soccer. Watching my girls play soccer. Cheering for my girls at soccer. Washing clothes from soccer… Do you sense a trend? HA! I love watching my girls spend time doing something they love, surrounded by friends they love. If it’s not that, I love to read.

Personable and talented, that’s Carlyn. Creative? You bet. Carlyn Guido has been working in the marketing and advertising industry for more than 20 years and wears many hats here at Buzz Creators. A skilled Art Director & PrePress Production Specialist, Project Manager, and all around funny girl, Carlyn adapts and understands current trends happening in her field. This all makes her a well-rounded creative professional; she gets it.  

Her first job out of college was at a renowned pharmaceutical advertising agency on one of the biggest products in the allergy and asthma market. Hired to run the coordination of over 40 active jobs, with 12 creative managers, and six account managers, Carlyn stayed in this position until her next passion called: graphic design. In 2007, Carlyn received an OIG Award for Organic Growth within IPG – given to employees who help develop and foster growth with clients, leading to additional work assignments. For the past 20 years, Carlyn has interacted with clients all over the globe. She has a strong ability to interact with clients on a strategic, conceptual, and tactical level, both from the account and creative side. 

Carlyn’s clients have ranged from large pharmaceutical ad agencies looking for a different view on a product design to small boutique companies wanting to refresh their branding and social footprint; restaurant franchises to natural men’s grooming product lines; sporting goods merchandise suppliers to women’s fragrance. She has worked with social media influencers and published authors & bloggers in NYC, California, & Dubai; website developers in Australia, restaurants in NYC, and men’s product lines in Philadelphia. 

Carlyn graduated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA with a dual degree in Communications and Fine Arts, and a minor in Art History. In her free time, Carlyn enjoys spending her days on the sidelines at soccer games, cheering her two daughters on. When she’s not ‘on the field’, Carlyn is an early riser, spending her mornings before the sun is up getting in her fitness. She loves the beach and relaxing with her husband, daughters, and two dogs (Fitz & Earl).