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Andrea Chnowski
Senior Consultant

Andrea Chnowski, Buzz Creators, Inc.

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My dream vacation: would be an opportunity to travel around the world. My first destination would be Tahiti and visiting all the South Pacific Islands. Items of interest to enjoy, would be experiencing the French Polynesian culture, staying in an over the water resort, and learning how to scuba dive. If I could muster the courage I would even, try feeding sharks and manta rays.

Favorite quote... Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. ~Thomas A. Edison ~and~ Believe in yourself! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. ~Norman Vincent Peale

My favorite thing about working at Buzz Creators... Is the opportunity to work with a creative and talented team. Meeting new people, and really listening to their stories so I can then help them achieve success by custom tailoring a unique solution to fit their needs.

If I had $1 million dollars to spend... I would be so excited and grateful, to finally be able to focus my attention on philanthropy. There are so many causes near and dear to my heart. The biggest one being my desire to inspire people to become the best version of themselves. I would challenge anyone to breakout of their mundane routines even for a moment, so they could get back in touch with what drives them to be happy. Life is tough, not everyone has a support system. Creating an opportunity for individuals to seek guidance, support, encouragement and inspirations to work through their perceived impossibility could possible help reshape the world we live in. Helping one person at a time realize that anything is possible would be my contribution with a million dollars. Success is always within someone’s grasp.

My hobbies are... photographing my life’s moments, trying new recipes in the hopes of creating a family cookbook that I’ll someday pass down to my children, and making as many happy memories as I can.

Andrea Chnowski is a very well-rounded communications professional with more than two decades of experience ranging from event planning, marketing, public relations, sales, graphics and publishing. She always seeks to continue to grow professionally and acquire new skills that are needed in today’s world.

Andrea has spent the last decade working in healthcare communications for the Western Connecticut Health Network as a Communications Supervisor. She has in-depth knowledge and experience handling business operations, creating and implementing strategic business solutions and managing a multitude of marketing and communications programs for the organization.

During her corporate days, Andrea worked for the oil and gas research firm, John S. Herold, Inc.  Andrea learned quickly that listening, collaborating and generating strategic plans were the keys to successfully marketing this business. Andrea worked closely with senior leadership to grow the company from $1M in revenue to $8.8M before the privately held company went public.  

Andrea’s passion for learning has led to her to wear many hats. In addition to marketing, she managed John S. Herold’s communications and art production department. Her teams were responsible for writing and publishing all the company’s news and press releases. As the industry changed, she also learned HTML and web design. She was a key figure in their website redesign and content management. 

Andrea has also worked for two non-profit organizations. As the Outreach Coordinator at Guideposts, she was directly involved with the company’s community outreach programs, marketing, social media, graphic design, strategic planning, writing, and philanthropy. She also worked for Head Start, where she initially realized her strong affinity for writing, communications and community outreach. 

Andrea has also done public relations and marketing consulting for numerous regional family-owned businesses and startups. 

Andrea received her Bachelor of Arts in Justice Law Administration with a minor in Psychology from Western Connecticut State University.  She then continued her education and received a Master of Arts in Education from Sacred Heart University.  Andrea is very passionate about giving back and is very involved in her local community – volunteering at her children’s schools and for Girls Scouts of America. In her free time, Andrea enjoys cooking and attending her children’s numerous sporting events and activities.